In my kitchen – September, 2011

Thanks to Celia at for the great idea.

In my kitchen …….

..are blood oranges. I love the colour of  the juice and the rich flavour.

I made some blood orange sorbet. These oranges aren’t readily available and the season is very short, so I am trying to freeze some juice for later.

In my kitchen …..

are these cute tapas bowls that I found during the latest sales.

They are the same colours as some mini mallows I had from Sweetness Patisserie.

In my kitchen…

are some native orchids from our garden.


8 thoughts on “In my kitchen – September, 2011

  1. Thanks for playing, and congratulations on your new blog! It all looks wonderful – particularly your orchids, what a joy to have something like that growing in your backyard! Love the little tapas plates – I doubt I would have been able to resist them as well – and the marshmallows from Sweetness are something else, aren’t they? I tried making marshmallows after I’d had theirs, but mine weren’t nearly as good..

    • Thanks Celia, it is all very exciting having a blog. I’m sure it will take awhile to work out all the bits and pieces. I will need to time manage better so that I don’t keep burning dinner while I’m at the computer!

  2. I love those little marshmallows so yummy!! I think I could eat a whole bag of them.

    The tapas bowls look really cute I love the pastel colours.

  3. Good to hear from you Heidi. I love using blood oranges. I have also tried them in ice cream and creme caramel but the sorbet gives the best colour. I’m always on the lookout for new ways to use them, other than just drinking the juice!
    The photo in the header was taken on a wonderful trip I made to the Silk Road in Western China. The bread looks amazing doesn’t it?

  4. Hello invisible spice! Lovely to meet you and see your kitchen goodies 😀 I haven’t seen blood oranges for years and they and your sorbet is gorgeous. Have a fun time in blogworld. See you again soon, Joanna

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