South Coast Snippets

Just two hours south of Sydney and you feel as if you are in another world. Rolling green hills right down to the water and the endless beaches make you want to stay forever. We have friends who live in this glorious environment so we get to enjoy it now and again.

Our first stop was for a walk around Gerringong.  Not the best day for a photo. We had a coffee at a cafe with a view right over the coastline! We returned later that evening for a pizza at a local cafe (pretty good too), then across the road to the local town hall to watch a movie with Pics and Flicks.  A fun night, as long as you remember to take a cushion!

When the sun shines, the countryside glows, especially when it is so green.

We found some friendly locals!

A wild duck family was enjoying an outing!

A plover couple was defending their young chick (on the left at the edge of the grass). One of the birds stretched out its wings on our approach as if to say “STOP”!

A trip down south wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the beach. This time it was Seven Mile Beach.

The weather wasn’t the greatest but there were plenty of surf school members braving the cold water.

Fortunately there are still some of the original holiday houses  around.

Our walk was rewarded with a coffee at a local cafe.

Our trip wouldn’t be complete without a tour of our friend’s vegie garden.

These are just a couple of the many things that she manages to grow.

Seeing all the vegies growing and meeting the new chooks, succeeded in making us totally envious of living in the country!!!


8 thoughts on “South Coast Snippets

  1. Lovely photos! Two of my favourite veggies growing there, asparagus and artichokes, and I love the bird photos. I used to do lots of bird watching and walks on the coasts before we had the dogs. I am as jealous as you! I would love to live somewhere like that. That shot of Gerringong looks strangely English, the low light and the grey clouds, and rolling hills, a bit spooky, I always think of Australia as cities surrounded by bush and desert, the movies no doubt.. all the best, Joanna

    • Thanks Joanna. We hope to move down to the South Coast in the next few years. The coastline is very popular with bird watchers and there are many groups helping to protect the ground dwelling birds along the beaches.

    • The South Coast is a great area to explore, it has incredible beaches all the way down and yet still very rural. Most people are familiar with Kiama but little past there. It is a bit of a secret and the locals hope to keep it that way!

  2. I lived in Wollongong for ten years and we often did trips down the coast and in the highlands. Yours pics took me down a little memory lane of my own. How green are those rolling hills! As you say, everyone knows Kiama and Nowra and that’s about it. I hope the locals manage to keep their lovely areas as unknown as possible; I would if I lived there.

    • It would take forever to explore the beaches down south, each one different to the next. From the beautiful Jervis Bay to the desolate beaches south of Narooma, we are very fortunate to have such choice. Thanks for cropping in Mariana.

  3. I lived in Gerringong all my life until recently, and it is the best place on God’s green earth, I feel. I miss it a lot, so thank you for the tour. I know those shops and streets so well I think I can name them all. Thank you! – E.

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