In My Kitchen – October 2011

Here is another entry in the monthy post idea of Celia.

Check out her blog to view others who are sharing their kitchens.

In my kitchen is…

a beetroot tarte tatin. I used slices of roasted beetroot and caramelised onions, topped with soft sheep’s milk feta at the end. I baked it using Celia’s idea of transferring to a pie dish to go in the oven. It worked a treat, the presentation was much better.In my kitchen is …

poached egg on fresh asparagus. The egg and the asparagus are both from my friend’s own backyard.

In my kitchen are …

homemade sausages. My husband recently attended a course. This is his first attempt (more later).

In my kitchen are …

some chocolates bought on a recent trip to Melbourne. My all time favourite is the walnut praline from Koko Black.

I also treated myself to a selection from Cacao (just to try!)


11 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – October 2011

  1. I loved every item in your kitchen this month – the KB chocolates looked like small brains at first glance! Your tarte looks beautiful and sounds absolutely delicious, your asparagus give me hope (ours are still waay too tiny to eat), and I can’t wait to read about your hubby’s sausage making course! It’s something I’ve wanted to try for ages!

  2. Those sausages do look great – one day I’ll get my chance to try my hand (s) at them!

    And as for those chocolates, well, nuff said – yum!


  3. I wish I could REALLY visit your kitchen!
    Everything is wonderful- but the poached egg and asparagus is what I want.
    And it is the wrong season here for fresh asparagus. 😦

    • Heidi, nothing like freshly picked vegetables for flavour and of course goodness.
      I like when you can snap the ends of the asparagus, those in the supermarket look so sad. My favourite is the thick white asparagus.

  4. That beetroot tarte tatin looks hearty, healthy and robust. I can only imagine how yummy it tastes. I love beetroot. Roasted till just done and marinated in olive oil, garlic, parsley and balsamic. Just the best. Wow – great looking sausages and those choc walnuts really reminded me of brains believe it or not.

    • Mariana, I too love beetroot. The balsamic seems to deepen the flavour and the cheese gives a refreshing tang. We never thought we would be able to make sausages, but very pleased with our first attempt.

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