Waiting for Limes

The thought of dinner was making my mouth tingle, Vietnamese Chicken Salad! I had all of the ingredients ready except for…..the limes, used in the dressing. That’s okay I could get some at the shops.

What a shock I got to find that limes are now $40 per kilo about $5 per lime!! Of course they must be in short supply.

We have a Tahitian lime in a pot. It doesn’t usually do very well as we lack adequate sunshine, but at the moment it is absolutely covered in flowers. It should be a good crop unless it is about to keel over like a previous tree. It was laden with fruit but the whole tree died before the fruit was ripe enough. We have other limes as well, an Australian finger lime and 2 hybrid bush limes but no limes in sight.

a long time to wait for a lime!

So I guess we are in between seasons for limes. Although disappointed, I decided to use lemon juice instead.

Then, I remembered! I had a bottle of preserved limes that I had bought at the Northside Produce Markets. They would do the trick.

I chopped the rind finely

So I made my Vietnamese Chicken Salad(* a Stephanie Alexander recipe) and it was great. I hope that the next season of limes is a bumper one so I can try making my own preserved limes.

I don’t think they will be suitable for a G & T on Friday though!

*If you type in http://www.northmelbourneps.vic.edu.au/StephanieAlexanderRecipePage.html, the recipe can be located, maybe.


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