Corn Sensation

Forget the humble corn fritter, these corn cakes are amazing.

We made these on Saturday as part of a meal with guests. There was some mixture left over so they were enthusiastically consumed for Sunday lunch.

leftovers for lunch

Although these corn cakes were deep fried, expertly by the BW (blog widower), they were not greasy at all. So much lighter than corn fritters.

The Chilli Caramel Sauce topped them off beautifully. As the name suggests it does have a lot of palm sugar in it, but you only need a little. Otherwise you could use a sauce of your choice.

The recipe is from Teage Ezard’s “Lotus”.

The Chilli Caramel Sauce can be adjusted to taste by the amount of chillies.



2 thoughts on “Corn Sensation

  1. Wow these sound amazing especially with the chilli caramel sauce.

    Is this method a bit safer than shallow frying corn fritters? I’m nursing a nasty burn on my hand from cooking fritters on the weekend as the corn kernels kept exploding in the oil 😓

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