The Sausage Saga

Although not a great sausage eater, my husband had recently shown an interest in sausage making. So as his birthday was coming up, I suggested that he should do a course. This he did one Sunday morning at Victor Churchill butchers.

This story follows his first attempt at making his own Toulouse  sausages at home.

Step 1

Locate a butcher that could supply the right type of meat, in this case he needed   pork neck, skin on, bone in. After a few attempts he finally bought it from our regular butcher who is himself a fine sausage maker!

Step 2

Remove meat from the bone and keep the fat as well. Cut the meat and fat into 1cm pieces. It is important to have the right amount of fat.

Step 3

Seasoning is added to the meat then left in the fridge for 24 hours

Stage 4

Mince with a large hole mincer disc.

We used a mincer attachment on the Kitchenaid. The sausage stuffer attaches to the mincer.

Water or maybe cider is added.

Step 5

Rinse sausage skins inside and out with water. The skins are available from butchers. They keep for quite awhile in salty water in the fridge. Skins vary in quality. I think it would be trial and error to find the best source. Feed skin onto sausage stuffer nozzle.

Step 6

This is the tricky bit!  Feed the mince into the stuffer. It takes awhile to get the hang of it. You would need two sets of hands for this. The aim is to make a uniform sausage without any air bubbles!!

When the mince is used up you cut the skin and tie the ends. The sausages are then twisted to make the individual sausages. There are many different methods demonstrated on the web.

The sausages are then kept on a rack in the fridge to drain for 24 hours.

Then use as you wish.

The result: The results were much better than we expected, they cooked well and had a tasty but mild flavour. A job well done for a first try!

The sausages did not come out cheaper than those you could buy but at least you know what goes in them.

With some of the sausage mince we made sausage rolls by adding some stuffing mix to the mixture. A bit of an easy way but they taste good.

sausage rolls ready for cutting

I think the best way to eat a sausage is with cooked onions in a fresh white bun with tomato sauce. I did find a simple recipe using sausages for the cooler weather. You cook onions, garlic and tomatoes  then add the sausages to the tasty mix, finishing off with sherry vinegar or balsamic. Really tasty.

an easy meal

So if you feel inspired to have a go, go for it! It is fun to do and not really too difficult.

(If you do decide to go ahead, make sure you have a proper recipe as the quantities of meat to fat are important.)

Have fun!


3 thoughts on “The Sausage Saga

  1. Christine the blog is a work of edible art. Congratulations. We had friends in the country who frequently made fantastic sausages at family sausage creation events. Plenty of hands that way! Clever mr invisible spice!

    • Thanks Sue, I can imagine the fun, mess and possibly arguments that groups of friends and families would get into making sausages. You could have competitions for the best sausage shape and best string etc!

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