City Secrets

City centres are busy places but they all have their quiet areas. So does Sydney! An exploration to locate laneways that are part of Laneway Art, enabled discovery of previously unknown or forgotten areas.

Some of the above images are a selection of artworks as part of the exhibition. These are on display until end of January 2012.

The bird cages are part of a permanent exhibition. The sounds of the birds change throughout the day to indicate which native birds would have been present at that time.

A short detour to Chifley Plaza gave us the opportunity to view the finalists in the Shoot the Chef Photographic Competition. It was a bit difficult finding the photos amongst the coffee drinkers! I’m not sure how long the photos will be on display.

No. 1 Bligh St is set to become a Sydney landmark. Not only does it look spectacular, it is an environmentally sustainable design. Check it out inside, the concierge is very informative. The cafe invites a return visit and the kiosk beside the ‘green wall’ is tempting.

Of course, no trip to the city is complete without lunch and a coffee. Hidden in another laneway, Temperance Lane, is the Grasshopper.

Coffee is served in jam jars! With wonderful food, great atmosphere and service, it is a great and convenient spot to escape the hoards of hungry workers.


2 thoughts on “City Secrets

  1. Ooh that carousel is very exciting! I have never seen such huge pictures via someone’s blog. I love the birdcages and the Deconstructing Ways one. Thank you for showing them to me 🙂

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