Cockatoo Island – Outpost

Cockatoo Island is the largest island in Sydney Harbour.  In the past it has been used as a prison for convicts, an Industrial School for girls and a Naval dockyard, but is mostly known for its large ship building yards. It is now a venue for public use. Many of its historical buildings have been retained which makes for an interesting space to explore.

A ferry trip on Sydney Harbour, on a glorious Spring day, to visit the island, happened to coincide with ‘Outpost’ – an exhibition of street art. There are murals, weird installations and yes, graffiti paintings.

Not everyone would want to make the trip to see street art, but I am sure they would find something that appeals to them.

This crane structure is holding a massively scaled up version of a sushi fish.

It represents unconscious waste.

A Belguim artist, Roa paints large animal images on abandoned factories and walls. I hope this one gets to stay around for awhile.

He chooses animals native to the location(country). Can you recognise any?

Some animals are placed in piles.

There are many more murals on display, too many to mention.

 We went through the Dog Leg Tunnel to escape the heat. It is lined with the work of 30 street artists. It used to be a bomb shelter during WWII.

There is an exhibition by the world famous graffiti artist Banksy. When you have had enough, there are places where you can relax with a cool breeze and a cool drink and take in the wonderful view.

‘Outpost’ continues until 11 Dec, 2011. You may change your view on street art if you visit this exhibition.

Cockatoo Island itself requires further exploration on another day.  The ferry trip back reminds you of how lucky we are to live in this great part on the world!


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