Hooray! My order of garlic has arrived and I am in garlic heaven. This is the third year I have ordered  organic garlic from Patrice Newell. It is Glamour Garlic, a hardneck variety.

The cloves are firm and crunchy but also full of juice. I use it in just about everything. This year I am going to try some different recipes such as confit garlic and slow cooked garlic. Any suggestions are welcome.

If there are any bulbs left by the end of April, the cloves will begin to sprout. We did try to grow some ourselves last year but the local wildlife dug it up. So luckily we have this beautiful garlic and can enjoy it while it lasts. I dread the day when we run out. I groan everytime I have to buy spongy imported bulbs from the supermarket. At least that won’t be for awhile!

I hope you get to enjoy some Australian garlic.


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