In My Kitchen – April 2012

In my kitchen are some . .  .

Orange apples brought home from a recent trip.

In my kitchen is  ….

an apple pie made with the Orange apples. The apples melted away, just the way I like them.

In my kitchen is . . .

a jar of breakfast prunes and a bottle of plum finishing vinegar. I am looking forward to having the prunes with some bircher museli and of course I love anything made from blood plums.

In my kitchen is . . .

a bowl of limes from our garden. It is not the ideal environment here but these lime trees have managed to survive in pots. We have a Tahitian lime (smooth green), a Kaffir lime (krinkly green), finger limes (long ones) and a hybrid Australian bush lime (yellow).

In my kitchen is  . . .

a Busted Bunny from Koko Black. He didn’t survive the security scanner at Melbourne airport!

I hope you have all had a HAPPY EASTER DAY!

If you would like to see some more “In My Kitchen” posts, go to Celia’s blog and you will find the links. Have fun.

7 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – April 2012

  1. Christine, treasure in your kitchen, thanks for sharing! I wish I had your lime trees – our finger lime is still in a pot, and our lemon tree is so young it’s only made two lemons this year (neither of which have ripened yet!). Tell me, do you use the juice of the kaffir lime, or just the leaves and rind? We went to Orange last year and went apple picking in Bilpin on the way home, which was oodles of fun. Your pie looks absolutely perfect!

    Poor little bunny! It’s been years since I’ve been to Koko Black – good to know they’re still going strong! Hope you had a lovely Easter! x

    • Hi Celia, there is no juice in the kaffir limes but the zest is fine to use but I mainly use the leaves. Our finger limes aren’t very usable either. The little bush limes are good in drinks! I have heard that they can be used in Asian curries, used whole.

  2. Hello there Christine… how wonderful. I love all the delicious goodies in your kitchen. We just bought dwarf lemon and lime trees this weekend and have them in pots on the front verandah. I adore the Budgi Werri prunes. And, of course, apples are my thing, given my love of fresh produce. Interested in that finishing vinegar. Do tell me more about it please.

    • Lizzy, the vinegar has a lovely flavour, not too sweet as they can be. It is made from Satsuma plums by La Barre from Yass. There are some suggestions on the label for use with seafood, which sounds appealing and also fruit. I also bought the raspberry vinegar, which I love. I noticed there were some of their products at Thomas Dux.

  3. Hi Christine, love your limes – I have been wanting to get my hands on some finger limes, as I understand they are similar in flavour to the Calamansi, which I discovered when I was in the Philippines.

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