Garden Marvels

Here are a couple of marvels that appeared in our garden this Autumn.

Firstly, this brilliantly coloured ‘blue ginger’.

This plant is actually not a ginger but Dichorisandra thyrsiflora, a native from Brazil.  This is the second year it has flowered. It obviously enjoyed the rain we have had. It is growing in a pot but I would love a big clump of them in the garden.

I love the intense colour of the flowers.

The second marvel is a true ginger, a beehive ginger(Zingiber ottensii), native to Borneo.

What looks a bit like a drumstick actually holds the small flowers. The stem appears from the ground, not from the leaf stalk.

This is the first time a flower stem has appeared so we are very excited! We hope the tiny flowers will open up before the weather is too cold. During Winter both of these plants die off to reappear hopefully next year.


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