In My Kitchen – June 2012

In my kitchen are . . .

some tamarillos generously given to me by a friend to play with. More of them another time.

In my kitchen are. . .

these pieces of family memorabilia. They are commemorative plates of the Queen’s tour of Australia in 1954. I thought it was an appropriate time to give them a dust off!

In my kitchen are . . .

these ‘Jubilee’ eggs (Heston’s scotch eggs)! What a great achievement by the BW, too fiddly for me to attempt.

In my kitchen is . . .

a small jar of Australian saffron, grown by Capertee Valley Saffron near Mudgee, NSW. I found it at a local growers’ market. I am saving it for something special. Aren’t the colours incredible?

In my kitchen are . . .

these tea towels that I found at the back of my cupboard. I must have decided that they were too nice to use. Time to go in the tea towel drawer.

In my kitchen is . . .

this book by Charlotte Wood which I am enjoying reading. I love her simple, no fuss ideas. I am trying out her suggestion for pomegranate honey.

In my kitchen is . . .

a curry leaf plant, finally. I have been on the lookout for one for ages. It will be staying in a pot as apparently they grow quite rampart. I first started using fresh curry leaves when I made Celia’s lemon rice. I am now hooked and use them whenever I can get fresh ones. Do you have a rampart curry leaf plant near you? Maybe we could start a curry leaf register so that people could have a fresh supply available, ha ha.

Check out Celia’s great recipes and many more posts for In my kitchen in June, at her blog here.

9 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – June 2012

  1. What a fun peak around your kitchen again. I have some old tea towels that sit in a drawer. Another blogger showed a pretty on just draped over the top of her cupboard door to display. I will do that with mine so I can enjoy them. The saffon – beautiful colors.

  2. Christine, thanks for sharing your kitchen with us, and for the linkies! I’m so glad you like the lemon rice! My mother has a curry plant at home that is actually now a tree and she periodically cuts me off a branch or two, which I dry in my kitchen. Last time she did that I ended up with three boxes of leaves, and I’m now down to my last one, so I must ask her for some more.

    The tea towels are very funky, and the Scotch eggs are brilliant, but I especially love the royal memorabilia! How cool to have that in the family since 1954!

    • Hi Celia, going through old family stuff certainly results in interesting finds. There used to be a toy coronation coach and horses set in the family. I’m not sure what happened to that but it would have been fun to revisit for the jubilee.

  3. Hi Christine, I have a curry leave tree. I wouldn’t call them rampant. Mine is a small tree about 2 – 3 metres tall. I have grown it amongst my palms and it is very happy under them. I would plant it in the ground rather than leave it in the pot.

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