A Curry for a Cold


This curry is just the dish when you are feeling low with the flu or a cold with not much in the way of an appetite.  Not only does it have copious amounts of cold fighting ingredients, it clears the head and awakens the suffering taste buds.

This recipe is from Ajoy Joshi of Nilgiri’s restaurant in St Leonards and is available on his website.

I halved the recipe and this time used chicken thigh fillets instead of chicken pieces. The recipe is here – ginger chicken.

I used:

100ml vegetable oil

2 sprigs of curry leaves

250 g onions, ground to a paste

2 tsps salt

50 g garlic paste

125 g ginger paste

80g fresh red chillies, ground to a paste

(The recipe calls for 100g, I used what I had available.)

250g tomato ketchup

500g chicken thigh fillets

It might seem like a lot of burning ingredients with the onions, garlic and chilli but everything works well together. I wouldn’t say it was very hot, try it first before you adjust the amount of chillis.

The addition of tomato ketchup is unexpected. Don’t add the total amount at once, just as much as you think is necessary. It makes a lovely rich sauce and seems to soften the other ingredients.

After this curry, you may still have a cold but you will feel a whole lot better.

Try more of Ajoy’s recipes, they are wonderful.


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