In My Kitchen – July 2012

In my kitchen is . . .

some green sencha tea.

This tea is grown in North East Victoria and produced by Perfect South. It has a lovely aroma and compares very well with my favourite Japanese sencha.

In my kitchen is . . .

a Japanese sweet.

I bought it from a Japanese bakery. It is a Sakura mochi, sticky rice filled with red bean paste and wrapped with a cherry blossom leaf. The leaf had a gorgeous scent. It was the perfect accompaniment to my green tea.

In my kitchen is . . .

this apple cider vinegar.

It has a wonderful aroma and taste. I used it when I made the following dish. I thought the dish deserved something more flavourful than a supermarket variety. I’m sure it will get plenty of use.

In my kitchen is . . .

A Fish Stew from Dieppe (marmite Dieppoise).

It is a Gabriel Gate recipe from his segment, Taste le Tour on theTour de France. I originally started watching the Tour,a few years ago, for the scenery, then Gabriel’s short food presentations had my attention. Now that I have a better understanding of the race itself, the cycling has me hooked as well.

Oh and, the dish was delicious!

In my kitchen is . . .

a fresh supply of Kashmiri chillies.

I use these when making curries and other Asian dishes. I love their rich flavour.

In my kitchen are . . .

two different types of balsamic vinegar.

The Giuseppe Giusti is my favourite. It is so luscious and of a perfect consistency. I usually save it for special dishes to make it last longer but now I have found a local supplier so I can use it more often.

The other vinegar is part of a dozen I bought very cheaply. It is very acidic so I find I am not using it at all. Maybe I should try reducing it or do some pickling with it. Do you have any suggestions?

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13 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – July 2012

  1. I like your kitchen this month- full of vim and vinegar- ( especially if you can call the chilis vim!)
    And the green tea and Japanese sweet treat look perfect for a midmorning delight. I love the cherry leaf wrapper- thanks for sharing!

  2. Christine, lovely post! I’m a big fan of Kashmiri chillies too, and the Japanese sweet looks amazing. How fantastic that we can now buy great Japanese tea and treats here in Australia! Thanks for the link to Gabriel Gate’s segments – I’ve always had a bit of a crush on him.. 😉

  3. You have such deliciously different things in your kitchen. The apple cider vinegar sounds delicious. LOL to Celia. Gabriel is so lovely. He always tells me I remind him of his sister!

    • Lizzy, I have realised that I misread the recipe and used apple cider vinegar instead of apple cider! I think I prefer the vinegar as it gave a hint of sweetness to the sauce. Gabriel always makes me smile when I watch his segment, he never seems to age.

  4. What a lovely array of goodies! I’m sure you’ll come up with some amazing recipes with all of these 🙂

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