In My Kitchen – October 2012

In my kitchen is  . . .

some tamarillo paste, made by my friend with an excess of tamarillos, very nice.

I made tamarillo sorbet.

The flavour is quite strong. It is better served with some vanilla ice cream to soften the tartness of the tamarillos.

On a recent trip to Broome WA, I found some interesting items at the Courthouse markets.

I brought back some coffee.

I was attracted by the boab label as I love boab trees. The coffee itself is beautiful, the blend is Mintaka. I love smelling the beans whenever I open the pantry.

I found some other goodies, made by the folks  from Wallis Mangoes, at the same markets.

The rosella vinegar has an interesting flavour.

I love the pickled papaya. It works well with an Asian salad adding a bit of crunch to the leaves and herbs.

The Mango Sauce is made from locally grown mangoes, yum!

In my kitchen are . . .

some superfoods.

Gubinge, also known as Kakadu plum is harvested in the Broome region and made into a powder high in Vitamin C. The aboriginal producers have an interesting website.

Maqui is a superfood from Patagonia. Also in a powder form, it has a fabulous colour. I love having it with yoghurt or giving  porridge a wow factor.  It will be fun experimenting with the colour. It is available from Loving Earth who have an amazing range of products.

In my kitchen is . . .

a homemade Chicken Kiev perfectly cooked by the BW.

In my kitchen is . . .

this wonderful bunch of native flowers.

No, not from my garden but from a lovely grevillia garden that gets plenty of sun!

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9 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – October 2012

  1. Those flowers are breathtakingly beautiful!
    The chicken Kiev is making me wish I had some…
    And the bottled sauces and syrups look totally delicious.
    Thanks for sharing!

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