Won’t you come into my parlour?

I couldn’t resist posting this photo of a tiny green garden spider being very industrious waiting for its prey on these native orchid flowers. Sorry the spider is not quite in focus but I love the spider’s stance with the legs ready to pounce on some unexpectant bug.

The spider changed its position hoping its new position would be less noticeable.

This caterpillar caught my eye with its striking colours. I haven’t been able to identify it yet, I hope it  grows into a beautiful butterfly.

Spring is such a great time in the garden!


One thought on “Won’t you come into my parlour?

  1. GREAT photos of that spider. Amazing stances. What a colorful caterpillar too. I hope it turns into an equally beautiful butterfly like you mentioned. It has an interesting front and that flat rounded end. Interesting. Love the little dots on either side of the red line running it length. Cool! Great photos!

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