In My Kitchen – January 2013

In my kitchen is. . .

a collection of goodies. Every year around Christmas time I like to buy some foodie treats, usually from an international purveyor. This year I went to Dick Smith’s General Store. No, he doesn’t sell computer bits and pieces, his store is stocked with  products sourced from around Australia. This photo is just a sample of a variety of food treats that I brought home.

Australian goodiesThe Pink Lake salt is from Victoria, the dried muscatels from South Australia and the peppercorns from Queensland. I can think of many uses for the delicious toffee apple syrup produced in Port Macquarie, NSW. The shop is well worth a visit or you can order online.

In my kitchen is . . .

some Australian buffalo mozzarella.

Australian  buffalo mozzarellaI was surprised to find it at a local market. It is produced in Northern New South Wales. One less import to buy. It goes perfectly with summer tomatoes.

tomato salsaIn my kitchen has been a lot of cheese after attending a cheesemaking course.


These camembert were a joint effort with a friend. They have grown their white mould and are waiting to be wrapped in foil and then to rest in the fridge. For amateur cheesemakers, I think they taste pretty good.

I love making mascarpone and quark and prefer them to the shop bought products.

mango and mascopane tartThese mascarpone and mango tarts were so quick and simple. I used supermarket baskets and finished with some passionfruit syrup.

How easy is it to make your own yoghurt? I always thought it couldn’t be true but it is AND it tastes great AND is so cheap!

yoghurt with fresh apricotHere I have my homemade yoghurt smothered in tree ripened apricot sauce in a pretty new bowl. The apricots were from my friend’s tree. The flavour of the fruit is unbelievable. Just look at the colour of the sauce. I won’t be able to eat a shop bought apricot again, they are tasteless.

Move over duck a l’orange for now there is duck a l’abricot.

duck breast with fresh apricot sauceI used the same apricots as the base, to make the sauce for these duck breasts.

If you would like to see what other bloggers are doing in their kitchen, check out

Fig Jam and Lime Cordial where Celia has them listed.


6 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – January 2013

  1. Christine, how great to read your post, we’ve missed you! 🙂 Lovely treasures in your kitchen, I didn’t know about the Dick Smith store, but I’ll check out the online link. Homemade yoghurt really is easy, but homemade camembert isn’t, and I think you’re both brave and clever to make them! 🙂 x

  2. Christine,
    I think the combined effort cheese reflects your good taste in cheese making associates.
    J has been making yoghurt sine retiring and turning some into labneh (cheese) yum, and also producing a great Greek style. He uses a double boiler and sets the pots in a large slow cooker. Trouble is we are eating large amounts. – breakfast, dressings and deserts.
    Try gentle simmering blueberries in 2 tablespoons of honey for 2 to 3 minutes, cool and divide up between glasses, top with yogurt and sprinkle with tsp each of brown sugar. I add walnuts on top. This recipe was in a summer issue of delicious.
    Sue A

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