What a scorcher!

Today has been a very hot day. It was so hot, 46c, that it has set a new record for Sydney. Everyone certainly felt it. You could see the expression on peoples faces as they left the air conditioned shops only to be blasted by a wall of hot air.

Leaving the comfort of the shopping centre wasn’t the greatest idea (no air conditioning at home). There isn’t much that you can do on such a hot day other than to stay hydrated and comfortable and find the coolest spot in the house.

When I arrived home I found some magpies quite distressed with the heat. One was a young one and the parent ushered it away when I approached. I turned on the hose, positioning it so that it sent up a soft spray. It wasn’t long before the two had returned to enjoy the cool water.

hot birdsNot long after, two lorikeets had joined in, forgetting their squabbling in the heat.


This one was panting and with its wings lowered, looked very distressed. The group was eventually joined by two noisy miners with not a peep out of them.

There were also two lorikeets under the pergola, both panting and looking uncomfortable. No amount of coaxing would get them to go under the hose. They eventually moved on as the southerly change arrived.

Ah! Relief!


4 thoughts on “What a scorcher!

  1. What pretty birds in your garden and how kind of you to try and help them in the heat. It sounds very distressing for all of you. I hope the temperatures ameliorate soon.

    • Finally we have some rain Joanna, but heavy flooding in Queensland again. We are extremely lucky with birdlife here in our garden. They seem to survive the hot days. As soon as the sun’s strength weakens, they are off. This season has been good for birds with lots of babies around. I must post some photos of them.

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