Christmas Bells

It is a bit late to be posting about Christmas Bells, but these bells haven’t finished yet.

Blandifordia grandiflora is an Australian native plant which flowers appropriately around Christmas time. The plant looks grass-like with the magnificent flowers at the end of a tall straight stem, around 70cms. I was lucky enough to receive some potted plants at the end of last year.

Even the buds are beautiful.

Christmas Bell budsThis plant obliged and opened its flowers for Christmas. The flowers feel like velvety latex. The colours are so brilliant. Isn’t nature clever?

Christmas BellsAnother plant turned out to be a different colour.

yellow Christmas Bells

As a child I remember seeing them growing in the bush. Their striking colours made them easily visible to those who fancied them in vases or to sell by the roadside. Unfortunately now it is very rare to see them ‘in the wild’ so we have been thrilled to be able to grow these in our garden.

We have one more plant with buds  forming. It will be interesting to see which colour it is.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Bells

  1. You say your a little late in posting your Christmas Bells….. I say I am super late in getting over here to comment on them. What a beautiful native plant it is. I love the shape of the buds and the flower are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. What a treat!

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