In my Kitchen – June 2013

In my kitchen is . . .

Can you guess what it is?

garlic chopper

Do you have trouble finding a good garlic crusher? This Rosti gadget  chops instead of crushing and is much easier on the hands.

IMG_1246It reminded me of this perfume bottle.


Sadly, all my fresh garlic has been used and the sprouted cloves planted in pots and some in the garden. Hopefully the brush turkeys won’t be around this year.

I have  pickled some garlic in coconut vinegar. I hope it will be okay.


In my kitchen is . . .

some candied quince.

candied quince

Each quince season I attempt to cook  quince. Some are successful, some end up as toffee or anemic looking. I am pleased with this result of candied quince. I think it will be used in a ricotta tart or semifreddo or maybe in some winter puddings.

In my kitchen are . . .

these bottles of cherries.


For years I have been on the lookout for amarena cherries. Who remembers the Fabbri cherries in the white and blue jars? Sadly they don’t seem to be available here anymore. I was told once that because they contained amarena liqueur, they had to be sold through a liquor store. Please let me know if you have seen them anywhere.

I was pleased to find these ones by Sandhurst. The taste is there so they will quickly be consumed!

In my kitchen are . . .

these beehive ginger blossoms.

beehive ginger flowersThis is the second year they have flowered, in hardly the best garden conditions. This year we had tiny yellow flowers appear in some of the pockets. I cut these stems before they perished in the cold weather.

Thanks to Celia who collates the posts of IMK by bloggers from around the globe. It is well worth a look at


17 thoughts on “In my Kitchen – June 2013

    • Coconut vinegar can be found in Asian stores. It seems to be used in Thai cooking. I had a bottle for some time and finally found a use for it. Lisa, I thought of your blog when I came across some Baby Green olive oil at a local organic market. Thanks for the tip.

  1. I find so many interesting IMKs via Celia’s blog and yours is no exception. I recently bought some of the Amarena cherries from the Sandhurst factory shop in Miranda – 2 for $4.00, I think.

  2. I adore Quince, it’s so perfumed and delicious. I’ve never tried to candy it before though, good idea!

    • I love the deep crimson colour quince becomes. I slow cook the fruit either whole or in large pieces. When soft enough I cut the fruit into smaller sections and return to the syrup to continue to be glazed.

  3. Hi nice to see in your kitchens. Amarena cherries?, Do you think they are the real thing. Wonder where they are the product of?. Love your candied quinces

    • Hi Tania, the cherries are from Italy and definitely have that amarena taste. Of course at $2.99 per jar they are not the luscious quality of Fabbri or the ones on your blog which look wonderful. What a great idea to serve with cheese. I defintely will buy the Sandhurst ones again. I am going to make some biscuits with them.

  4. Those ginger blossoms are amazing! I wonder if they can be dried and used in arrangements?
    Love the garlic gadget- it is so sleek and modern looking I didn’t have a clue of its function.
    Your kitchen is filled with so much goodness- I can almost smell the quince simmering in its own syrup!

    • Good to hear from you Heidi. The ginger blossoms hold a lot of moisture. They are soft and squishy and ooze out nectar. So maybe they would take some effort to dry. I will let you know.

  5. Christine, that garlic gadget is SO elegant – it really does look like a perfume bottle or a decorative table piece. Did you buy it locally? Hooray for candied quince – we haven’t had any to play with for ages. And the ginger blossoms are so unusual! xx

    • Hi Celia, I found the garlic chopper at Peters. It is a Rosti product, I came across it when I was looking for Rosti bowls for my daughter. I now prefer using it to the old crusher.

  6. Nice load of goodies in your kitchen, Christine. I was wondering what those plants are, I saw them recently in Cairns.

  7. Rosti make amazing stuff. I’ve used their colourful bowls for about 30 years now. Bought them in Denmark, back in the day when they were actually made there. I haven’t seen that garlic chopper though. Very nifty! And thanks for popping by to read my IMK for June, Christine.

  8. Christine, I too have Rosti bowls and kitchen utensils that are about 30 years old. If Misty and my experience is anything to go on your garlic chopper is sure to last.

  9. I thought it might be a pepper grinder, but then I read on… so much more interesting than a pepper grinder. Have you tried using it on ginger also? Your ginger blossoms are beautiful also!

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