In My Kitchen – September 2013

In my kitchen is  . . .

oyster kitan oyster mushroom kit given to the BW on Fathers Day. Will let you know if it works!

yorkshire puddings escapingThese Yorkshire puddings that I made literally jumped out of the pan!

In my kitchen is . . .

coconut chipsthis packet of coconut chips, found in the supermarket. I like just a few sprinkled on top of my yoghurt, just enough to give a bit of crunch and sweetness.

In my kitchen are   . . .

Asian ingredientsthese Asian ingredients. On the left is licorice root which I used for the first time when slow cooking a pork neck. It gave a very interesting flavour and I will certainly try it again.

Next are black sesame seeds which I add to all sorts of dishes, including salads.

The last two are both Szechuan peppercorns, also known as prickly ash. The red ones, on the right are more commonly used. I’m sure you must develop a tolerance level with them. I love using them for  salt and pepper squid and for  . . .

salt and pepper tofusalt and pepper tofu. It’s like eating little puffy clouds!

The green ones have a more citrus flavour. I used them for the first time to sprinkle over this Sweet and Sour Pork Belly. I used a recipe from “Gingerboy” which cooks the pork firstly in a master stock and afterwards is quick fried. Yum!

Sweet and Sour Pork bellyThanks to Celia again who, every month provides the opportunity for us to share our kitchens. Check out other kitchens at her blog.


19 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – September 2013

  1. I am fascinated by your oyster mushroom kit! I have had no success with button mushrooms over the last two years, although prior to that grew them happily! So disappointing. I will wait and see if yours work. Love your Yorkshire puds! : )

  2. The mushroom kit looks great – would love to give one a try. Have only ever seen normal variety – pearl sounds interesting. Wonder if you can use that liquorice root to make tea?

    • Karen, I tried to make tea with the licorice root but it was difficult to cut. The microplane worked to make a powder. I boiled it in water for 10 mins but did not try it as it smelt so bad!

  3. mmm. nice puds!! and that pork looks like it was delicious!
    I would love to get my hands on a mushroom kit but it’s so dry here. I’m not sure they would grow well. I hope you’re going to post your results!

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