Betta check your Fetta!

We are very fortunate these days, especially in the city, to have such a wide range of foodstuffs available. We are ‘spoilt for choice’ but need to be careful when making selections.

I will be more careful now when buying feta cheese after unknowingly choosing one that contains PALM OIL!!  Palm oil plantations are responsible for the large scale destruction of orangutan habitat, bringing them closer to extinction.

fetta packet

Because of inadequate labelling laws, palm oil is often disguised as vegetable oil. If a cheese label lists vegetable oil, it could be palm oil. I don’t understand why you would need to add oil to cheese. It makes you wonder what other nasties are added. In future I will be more careful when selecting cheese or, make my own fetta. It is one of the easier cheeses to make.

I needed the fetta to make this Greek cheese and spinach pie.

cheese and spinach pie


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