Pearl Oyster Mushroom Kit

In a previous post, I showed you a mushroom kit that we were about to activate. Here are the photos of the results.

After an overnight soak in water, the kit is ready to go.

The first sign of activity was these cute little buttons.pearl oyster mushrooms

As they grew, they reminded me of The Mushroom Dance in Walt Disney’s Fanatasia.


We were keen to inspect them regularly to see if they had grown. I love their shape at this stage.


After a few attempts at growing these mushrooms, you would get to know at which stage of growth you prefer to eat them.

The instructions say to harvest them when they start to flatten out.


We picked some the morning after the above shot.


The tops of the mushrooms felt like soft suede and tasted delicious.

This process is very easy, anyone can do it,  you don’t need a garden, only a room that gets sunlight (not direct sunlight) and a spray bottle to mist the mushrooms everyday.

All of this happened in just over a week. It was great fun and I can’t wait to see if the kit produces anymore after soaking it again.

This mushroom kit is available from Fungi Culture.


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