In My Kitchen – December 2013

Thanks to Celia who provides us bloggers with exposure through her own blog Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

I have been neglecting my blog recently as I prepare my house and the 30 years of acquisitions, for a big move early next year. What a job!

I have found some interesting long forgotten items such as this recipe book!

Girl Guide Biscuit recipes

It is full of recipes using Girl Guide biscuits,  guaranteed to use up all the biscuits you had to buy. Each recipe is accompanied with a handy household  hint, such as cleaning white cloth with ground rice. Also, quotes from Lord Baden-Powell, “In order to get money, you must expect to work”!

I wonder if the guides still sell the biscuits?

In my kitchen is . . .

a stack of Magimix attachments.

Magimix attachmentsMy former Magimix expired, after many years of hard work. My new Magimix came with its own attachments so these are waiting for a new home. They fit the 5100 model and maybe some others. Let me know if they could be of use to you. My email is

In my kitchen is . . .

this sugar bowl.

Barham sugar bowlIt has not  been used for a few years now as we don’t use a sugar bowl anymore, do you? Sugar is kept in the pantry for cooking uses, not on the table. This bowl was made in Barham, a small town on the Murray River, now famous for its avocadoes. I have had an idea to start using it again by filling it with my favourite salt, Murray River pink salt flakes, which is always close at hand.

In my kitchen is . . .

some rhubarb.

rhubarbMy friend gave me a huge bunch from her garden. It kept its beautiful colour when I cooked it and has the best flavour I have ever tasted in rhubarb. I can’t wait to grow some next year.

In my kitchen is . . .

an early Christmas present.

amarena cherriesThe BW came across this huge tin of Fabbri Amarena cherries on a trip to Melbourne. Knowing how much I love them, he struggled home with them on the plane. All I need now is the large container to store them in. Has anyone seen the large blue and white decorated containers anywhere? I think a cherry dessert is on the cards for Christmas. I did make some star anise meringues ( a Belinda Jeffery recipe). The cherries go wonderfully with them.


14 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – December 2013

  1. I love that sugar bowl. Yes, I surely do use sugar. The rhubarb is such a beautiful color. A friend and neighbor of 25 years just moved & her best advice to me was to start purging as much as you can. Yard sales, consignment shops, charities.

  2. Christine, best wishes sorting through the accumulation prior to your move — looks like you found a treasure already. Also, using your sugar bowl for salt flakes sounds like a good idea. I’m craving the taste of fresh rhubarb (it’s winter here) after seeing your sauce!

  3. Christine, I would adore a spare Magimix bowl, but I’m pretty sure it won’t fit my 5200XL unfortunately. Thank you for the offer though! If you wanted to raise a few $, I’m pretty sure you could sell the parts on ebay. I love your sugar/salt holder, and the beautiful rhubarb. Moving house after 30 years, that’s a big task! Hope it all goes well for you! xx

  4. So many lovely things in this IMK! I like the sound of those meringues. I’ll have to look them up. I too love cherries in all their many guises. Good re-use of the sugar bowl. We have sugar in the cupboard for cooking but if someone comes over and needs sugar in their coffee, theyhave to dig a teaspoon into the catser sugar. Cheers!

  5. I love that sugar bowl! I definitely don’t have one but this is a beautiful bowl that deserves to be on full display. I love rhubarb. I recently had crumpets at a cafe here in Canberra that was served with rhubarb and lemon curd. Best combination ever!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and all your lovely comments. Made my day 🙂

    • Sorry for the late reply, the cherries were from the Spring St Grocer in the city. In Sydney we are able to buy Sandhurst amarena cherries from some of the specialty greengrocers. Good luck.

  6. HI – I hope things are going well with you. Have you made the move yet? Lots of purging around our house. Getting ready to have a garage sale when our neighborhood has their annual one in June. It will hotter than heck, but worth trying to move some “stuff” out of the house. the rhubarb looks wonderful. Always love the color. I look forward to eating some when I visit my parents up north.

    • Yes, we have made the move and thoroughly enjoying our new location. I have been trying to motivate myself to start blogging again. The cooler weather should help. I still have boxes of unwanted stuff with more to add. I think the local charities are keen to accept goods. Can’t wait to start our vegetable garden, almost ready!

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