In My Kitchen – July 2014

Hooray! After a long absence and a big relocation, I have finally managed to get a blog post ready. Thanks to Celia for providing this opportunity for us to join in. Check out more posts here.

In my kitchen is . . .

view from kitchen

a new view! Very different from the bush view I had previously.

Also, in my kitchen is .  . .


a different oven! I do miss my huge Ilve stove but I am becoming appreciative of this Miele oven. It cooks very evenly and heaps easy to clean.

Perfect Clean oven tray This Perfect Clean oven tray (from Miele) is excellent, great for pizzas and pies. Roast vegetables cook well, then you just wipe clean!

In my kitchen is . . .

onion glassesa pair of onion goggles that I bought for my daughter from The Monday Morning Cooking Club.

In my kitchen are . . .first leafy greens

our first leafy greens from our own brand new veggie garden. We have never been able to grow any vegetables  successfully before, due to lack of sunlight in a bush location. Now we have full sun all day so have been busy creating some garden beds.

Here is our first crop Bok choy, eaten within an hour of picking.

choy sumIn my kitchen is  . . .

Copco kettlethis Copco enameled kettle from the 70’s that seems to be fashionable again. I keep seeing it appear in magazine and newspaper pictures.

In my kitchen is . . .

slow cooked beef ribsa plate of slow cooked beef ribs. This is a Gourmet Traveller recipe and can be found here. Just the dish for a cold Winter’s night.






22 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – July 2014

  1. Congratulations on your new home – great view & oven. I’m sure you enjoy a new oven – I love my new oven which I’ve never had before! Nice meeting you through IMK

    • We have always been happy with any Miele appliances we have owned, mainly their dishwashers. Their top of the range ovens are ‘out of this world’, but with price tags to match!
      I’m having fun trying out recipes to see how well they come out.

  2. Congratulations on your new home! There really is nothing better than freshly picked produce! I LOVE slow cooked beef ribs, and the fact that you get to eat all that yumminess next to the bone! Mine have an Italian, tomato flavour which I love! Thanks for sharing… I look forward to many more posts 🙂 Liz x

      • I’m just new to blogging and this is only my second IMK so I’m still at newbie status, but I’m just loving it! Liz x

  3. Wow onion goggles. I didn’t know they existed. I need a pair! I am glad your move went well, the new view is fantastic. I am new to whats in your kitchen, so my post was a bit late. It is up now if you would like to read it. Have a great week. Emma.

  4. It’s hard getting used to a new oven. After almost a year I’m finally figuring out that mine actually works & works well! I love that pizza tray, especially the idea of how easy it is to clean. But really, I’m dying to know how those onion goggles work – they’re fantastic!

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