In My Kitchen – February 2015

We have been enjoying the produce from our new veggie gardens. It is all experimental so far, so we are pleased with any successes.

In my kitchen are . . .rock melonssome of our crop of rockmelons, sweet and juicy! We are pleased with our first attempt and will try them again next Summer. I made some ice cream with some of the riper ones They seem to ripen all at once!

Our tomatoes have been great. tomatoespgThey have had to battle strong winds and storms but are holding in there.

My favourite tomatoes are this deep pink variety with a tapered shape.

rosy tomatoesNot sure of its name, the wind must have blown the label away!

In my kitchen are . . .

1st-barnie-eggssome Barnevelder eggs. Finally, after a long time waiting, one of our three Barnevelders has started to lay. How frustrating is it, looking in the hen house everyday for that first egg? A second hen seems to be getting closer with her comb and wattles reddening up, so hopefully it won’t be much longer.

We recently took a flight from Canberra airport, much easier than struggling with the traffic to Sydney airport. Before our return drive back to the coast, we called in to Fyshwick Markets. Although we have access to all the major supermarkets where we live, there is no independent greengrocer!! So, I was in summer fruit heaven at the markets with 5 different shops to choose from. Also, at the markets I found some Pialligo Farm bacon.

wpid-pialligo-farm-bacon.jpg.jpegIt certainly lives up to its reputation, beautiful! Looks like there will be more regular trips to Canberra.

Thanks to Celia who continues to host In My Kitchen worldwide. Take a look at other posts at figjamandlimecordial.



5 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – February 2015

  1. Oh I remember my first egg! I carefully carried it into the house and went to wash my hands and clean up after cleaning out the chicken coop. I went to the kitchen all smiles and the egg was gone. “Where’s my egg???” My husband looked at me and said, “It was really good but I had no idea it was OUR egg!”

    As if! I had to wait 2 more days to get my first egg. šŸ™‚

    Your garden produce is wonderful!

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