In My Kitchen – June 2015

In my kitchen are . . .

some Bocconcini all’ Amarena.

almond biscuitsg

I finally cracked open my huge tin of Fabbri Amarena cherries. My favourite treat of all times are these delights. They are little almond biscuits with an Amarena cherry in the centre.This is my first attempt at replicating the ones in my memory. I was very pleased with the first result. The recipe  requires just the smallest amount of tweaking. I used a recipe by Ottolenghi. If you search for Sour Cherry Amaretti, you will find the method on various sites. Stand by for any further attempts.

Cherrytime capsicumThis capsicum was picked on June1! I waited all summer for one. It was worth it. It looked beautiful and tasted very sweet. Unfortunately it was the only one to reach maturity. We will have to try again next season. The variety is Cherrytime.

wpid-20150528_191333-1.jpgI made Nargisi Kofta, eggs in meatballs. This is a Charmaine Solomon recipe. Yummo!  I used the bantam eggs which are smaller than the standard eggs, although it is hard to tell in this picture.

wpid-20150609_215526-1indigo tea towelI am a sucker for tea towels and when I came across this indigo one, I couldn’t resist. It is from Bind/Fold.

Keeping in the blue theme,

Boulabaise potI received this beautiful Staub bouillabaisse  pot for my birthday from my family. I love it!  It is not as heavy as I expected, much easier to handle than some pots. It heats up quickly and has a sloped bowl, a little like a wok, not just for bouillabaisse. Of course, I love the little fish handle.

Thanks again to Celia who organises IMK each month. Head over to her blog for many more IMK posts.



9 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – June 2015

    • I have decided the capsicum is the best tasting ever. It is certainly frustrating, the chooks have now found their way into the garden that HAD ready to pick rabbit’s ear lettuce!

  1. Christine, your fish-handled pot is gorgeous — love the color! The eggs in meatballs reminded me of an appetizer I had once called “Scotch Eggs” (not sure why they’re called that — maybe because they’re Scottish?) but the idea of them swimming in a curry flavored “gravy” sounds absolutely delicious. Glad you were able to recreate your favorite cherry almond cookies!

    • Yes Kim the eggs are very similar to Scotch Eggs but tastier. Would you believe we Googled them and found Scotch eggs were first made in 1738 in England by Fortnum & Mason and maybe be based on this actual kofta recipe! lol

  2. Nargisi Kofta sounds so much more decadent than ‘Scotch Eggs’. Love that style of dish, especially for picnics and help yourself meals. I did them once with quail eggs, yes once was enough! That T/towel is so lovely I would hang it, not use it to dry things I think. That capsicum looks like it was well worth the wait. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I particularly dislike the ugly caterpillar that gets into the capsicum and tomatoes. It is a dull green with a dark stripe-horrid. I tried a different recipe for the biscuits but it wasn’t as good. I will be sticking with this one.

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