In My Kitchen – January 2016

What a great month January is! There is such an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables available, including what is growing in the backyard. It is a more relaxing month than December but a pressure looms to quickly deal with  any over abundance of backyard produce or that tray of plums that needs to be made into sauce.

In my kitchen this month, is a heap of green walnuts.

green walnutsThese were collected from a walnut farm, located across the ranges. What beautiful trees walnut trees are. Unfortunately, I don’t think they like a coastal climate. These walnuts have, since this photo, been sitting in a brine solution, where they have turned black! Next step is to put them in a pickling solution.

Another field trip involving self harvesting, was to a berry farm, The Clyde River Berry Farm, to collect these beautiful blueberries.

Clyde River blueberriesThe taste of these blueberries is amazing and a fun experience picking them. No more sour supermarket berries for me.

I made this blueberry and almond tart

blueberry tartand these yummy blueberry flapjacks.

blueberry flapjacksOf course, the berries are beautiful as is. You can actually take two bites of these berries!

Our tomatoes have suddenly started to ripen, so I will be busy making sauces, trying to use them all up. The varieties we are growing this year vary considerably in size, and colour.

tomatoes 2015This picture shows the difference in size. The Russian cherry tomato is the normal cherry size but the smaller ones are really tiny, red currant size and very sweet. They look beautiful as a garnish.

Whenever we have a trip to Canberra, I love to bring back something different for the kitchen. The latest trip resulted in this amazing Angel Hair chilli.

Angel Hair chilliThese are dried chilli threads, used mainly as a garnish, also adding a slight touch of chilli heat to a dish.

Canberra’s cafe and restaurant scene seems to be growing with many focusing on ‘healthy’ dishes. I came across these wheat berries in a couple of dishes we had.

wheat berriesI look forward to experimenting with these in salads. I’m sure in one dish I had, the grains had been puffed from roasting or deep frying.

So, January certainly is a busy month!

Thanks to Maureen, who now hosts In My Kitchen. Go to her site to read about many more January kitchens.

5 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – January 2016

  1. Angel hair chilli? I’ve never heard of it and I’m dying to find some now. It looks wonderful and your tomatoes and berries make me swoon at their freshness, not to mention sweetness. I haven’t seen green walnuts for years – I have a bit of envy there.

    Thanks a lot for being part of In My Kitchen!

  2. Christine, I’ve never had a pickled walnut. They sound good! (Bravo for putting them through their paces — obviously a multiple step process.) Your blueberry almond tart looks wonderful — that’s such a winsome flavor combo. The angel hair chili intrigued me, too — very vibrant. Happy New Year!

  3. I think I could have fun with angel hair chili! The blueberries and tart loom fantastic, we enjoy blueberry picking in the summer and go a few times. I need enough to make blueberry jam, a few sweet treats and then just to eat them by the fist full as they are so delicious on their own.

  4. I’ve never heard of angel hair chili, what an interesting new ingredient. A little googling said it was a Korean condiment, Ripe, red chillies are sun-dried, then carefully shredded into fine strands. The resulting red/orange threads are a beautifully delicate ingredient in many dishes, and a show-stopping garnish. Thanks for introducing it. Your fresh produce sounds luscious, the blueberry almond tart delicious. What a lovely plate for your pancakes. Great post.

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